We make sustainable packaging products

Metal packaging is strong, durable, and versatile making it ideal for a range of applications and helping to minimise waste.

It’s also inherently sustainable. Metal packaging is easily identified and separated in the waste stream and fully and infinitely recyclable, never losing its properties, so it can be used and reused forever without any loss of quality.

In fact it’s estimated that over 80% of all metal ever produced worldwide is still in use today.

We strive to run a sustainable business

We hold Bronze EcoVadis status.

Waste processing – we ensure our product waste is segregated and recycled to minimise our ecological footprint, and across our waste streams we currently achieve recycling rates of:

  • Cardboard 100%
  • Tin 100%
  • Aluminium 100%

  • Scrap metal 100%
  • Wood 100%
  • Wadding 100%
  • General waste 80%
  • Power – we are in the process of installing solar panels to produce 50% of the electricity we use.